The snowy grounds of the Hokkaido Shrine

Only 7 tours are available, 5 Powder Tours and 2 Haru Yasumi Tours. Each tour is super comfy with only a maximum of 6 people on each tour! 

Simply click on the button next to your preferred tour dates to book your tour. You will be redirected to the Goneski PayPal page where you can book your holiday with any credit or debit card. Please contact us if you wish to pay via internet banking. All dates displayed below are check in and check out dates.

December 23rd - January 2nd
January 31st - February 10th
January 5th - January 15th
February 13th - February 23rd
January 18th - January 28th
February 26th - March 8th
March 11th - March 21st
March 24th - April 3rd

Please contact us before booking your Goneski holiday if you have any questions, and to make sure our tours are right for you. You can read our terms and conditions here. Once you are ready to book, just click, book, done... simple! You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

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